Koerier Bob

With this project I lived one of my childhood dreams.
Driving a Piggio Ape 3 wheeler in Levanto. A village in northern Italy, where I as a child always went on holiday with my family.
The grocer, the baker, the painter, almost everyone there was driving the Ape 3 wheel scooter.
I also wanted to do that. Drive the Ape in Italy. That was my dream.

I went back to Levanto and bought myself a Ape, and lived the dream. To extend the dream an had some more adventure I decided to drove the Ape back to Holland. The Piaggio Ape is made to carry load, so it was perfect to take more little dreams for other people. I gave my self the job as a courier and brought more than 100 little dreams on my way home.

The main thing I wanted to tell is: Don’t wait with the things you wanna do. Do it right now.
Live your dreams today.. You never know what will happen tomorrow!!

Graphic Design, Travel